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medical waste incinerators

System solutions for medical waste environmental, including waste incineration, smoke emission treatment, high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, waste shredder, needle destroyer, medical waste package, sharp containers, etc.
The pet cremation equipment humanized design with movable platform, small space covers for modern pet cremation business owner all over the world.Guinea Inciner8,Cameroon medical waste incinerators,Rwanda large animal incinerators.
The containerized mobile incinerator mounted in ISO container before leave factory, pre-installation, no incineration house build construction, movable by truck and ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside.

? Capable of treating the flow of flue gas as the incinerator is operating at its maximum capacity
Auxiliary device: Water level gauge, pressure sensor, PH sensor..etc.
Auxiliary device: Fuel cut off device
Waste feeding mechanism Automatic pneumatic/hydraulic waste loading system or conveyor belt , capacity 650-800L at a time
Chimney (Stack) Type: Vertical type
height: 7-10 meters
Material: Fireproof cast, stainless steel
Wet scrubbing system Vertical sprat tower with baffles or packing inside
Gas emission Reduction of Pollutant gas SO2, HCL, HF and line particulate
OUTPUT ASH -Max <5% of original waste size
Emission standard WHO/ European
Test report for emission testing Must be provided
Product Data sheet/ Catalogue Must be attached to the ITB
Additional Requirement -Local agent or branch in Ethiopia
-Training for users as well as for EPHI maintenance staff on preventive maintenance
-Fuel tanker with a minimum capacity of 2500 litre (made of plastic material with overfill prevention valve ,fuel gauge, lifting eyes)
-The bidder should be willing to sign at least a five years’ service and maintenance agreement with the client (EPHI)
-The supplier shall arrange by itself lifting equipment and labour needed during the installation, testing and commissioning of the incinerator