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medical waste incinerator

Incineration is the only method providing complete destruction and neutralization of the medical waste ideally at the source. For developing country and regions, we support cheap cost budget customer to purchase the small scale incinerator, with basic function, burning rate 10kgs to 50kgs per hour capacity, single combustion chamber and three combustion chambers incinerator. It’s good idea for small clinic, small hospital, etc.Liberia medical waste incinerator,Congo pet incinerator for sale,Botswana animal crematorium equipment.
Control Panels:
a. AiController
b. Plug and play
c. Threezone monitoring of:
i)Primary chamber
ii) Secondary chamber
iii) Hot hearth
d. Digital display
e. Burner on-off indication lights
f. Timer
a. Mild steel painted red
b. Refractory insulated with 50mm of insulation.
Unit Dimensions:
1840mm x 1 ‘1 50mm x 1950mm high.
a. Burner door cut-off switches
b. Fire valve fitted to fuel system
c. Maximum noise at 1m x g0 decibels
d. Exterior temperature 70 deg.C Max
Incinerator for project waste management (Utilisation needle and syringes, disposable laboratory consumables, used tests and other pharmaceutical products)