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Union counselor and social activist Advocate Rao Amman Ullah Khan addressed the seminar titled as “Public Hearing for Incinerator Installation” arranged by Messrs Karamat Ullah & Co at fort hotel in Khanewal.

Speaking on the occasion he said that environmental pollution is one of the major causes of chronic diseases in our country. Everyone has to be responsible for the cleanliness of the environment to prevent pollution.Comoros incinération,Morocco incinerator for medical waste,Libya medical waste incinerator china

To keep the environment ‘Human Friendly’, it’s our shared duty.

Furthermore, he said that they are launching an incineration unit for the medical and industrial wastes in Khanewal. Medical and industrial waste is burnt and it produces smoke which is the leading cause of chronic diseases and environmental pollution. Such unit will liquefy the waste and prevent hazardous smoke to spread into our environment.

District Officer Environment Muhammad Sarfraz expressed his concerns that for the protection of environment, the government has made laws and cases were filed in courts against ‘crime’ of pollution.

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